Am I Going To Jail if I don’t pay the debt collector?

I have been flooded with inquiries from people in the Jackson, Pearl, Brandon, and Madison cities of the metropolitan area who have been scared to death by collection agencies.  The caller usually claims to be a detective or some sort of officer and states that they are on their way to your house to take you into custody unless you pay your balance in full immediately.  They state they must have the payment over the phone – no option to mail in a payment, etc.  This is all a ruse to gain entry into your bank accounts.
People, listen up. YOU DO NOT GO TO JAIL FOR FAILURE TO PAY AN ORDINARY DEBT.  Don’t be scared by these tactics. It’s simply lies to get you to hand over money.  Do not give them any details about yourself.  They may have some info about you and even the name of a company you owe, etc but even if you are indebted to the company, it is illegal for bill collectors and collection agencies to threaten you with possible arrest. You can go to jail for not paying child support or court fines but not for regular and ordinary debts.

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