Articles Posted in MS Association for Justice Voir Dire Magazine Summer 2012

Voir Dire article Chap 13_Page_1Voir Dire article Chap 13_Page_2I had the privilege of being asked to write a couple of articles for the Mississippi Association for Justice Voir Dire Magazine’s Summer 2012 edition.  This is a regular publication of the MAJ and is devoted to presenting timely, informative, and practical information to its membership of attorneys.  I make the most of every opportunity to educate attorneys of all areas of practice on the fundamentals of bankruptcy. For this edition I focused on Chapter 13 and several of the areas where this financial tool can assist clients that many attorneys may not be aware of if bankruptcy is not their focus.  I also wrote an article on the morality of a bankruptcy.  Most people don’t realize that the idea for bankruptcy law was based on the Old Testament sabbatical and Jubilee years.  Our forefathers recognized the significance of forgiveness of debt and how cruel old world practices were of having debtor prisons, etc.  No one comes to me for a consultation on bankruptcy with a desire to “get out of” paying a debt.  They have experienced a tragedy (illness, job loss, pay cut, etc) that has crippled their ability to provide for their self and their families and need assistance to make a fresh start.

If you have questions about bankruptcy and have not been able to fully find the answers posted, please contact me.  I’ll be happy to provide those answers to you and it would also help me to know what additional information I can post that would be helpful to people researching bankruptcy related issues.

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