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There is a provision of the bankruptcy law that allows Mississippi homeowners to eliminate second mortgages.   Not widely known, this section of the bankruptcy code is becoming increasingly popular to bring the mortgage debt closer to the real value of the home.

Bankruptcy law prevents a homeowner from getting rid of the first mortgage if they want to keep the home, but the rules don’t apply to second mortgages.  The second mortgage can be stripped off (canceled)  if there is no equity to cover the debt, which is the case for thousands of Mississippi homes that are worth a lot less now.

The law has been in effect for years, but during the housing boom houses were worth much more and there was not much occasion to use it.  This is only available in Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

There are many types of bankruptcy, but only two types that most Mississippi residents would be interested in.  Chapter 13 is what people refer to as bill consolidation, debt relief plan and bill repayment plan.

Where a Chapter 7 wipes out or discharges your debts without any payment, a Chapter 13 proposes a plan to repay your creditors over set period of time.   The repayment plan can help you save your house by catching up the mortgage payments and paying off your vehicles at a lower monthly payment.

The unsecured creditors, such as credit cards and medical bills can be paid anything ranging from zero to a percentage of what you owe.  The payment plan must be at least 36 months and no more than 60 months and this length is based on upon your ability to pay.

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