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Frank Coxwell, Guest of MPB Show “Money Talks”

Frank with Kevin Farrell, the Host of Money Talks

Frank with Kevin Farrell, the Host of Money Talks

Truth Behind Bankruptcy

Air date 04/03/12
To listen to the full hour interview – click here to see all episodes.

Attorney Frank Coxwell joins the show to tell the truth behind bankruptcy. Does it ruin your credit and life or save it? Which chapter should you file? Who should you consult?

I had the priviledge of being invited as a guest to the Mississippi Public Broadcasting (MPB) show – Money Talks – on April 3, 2012.  We spent an hour discussing bankruptcy and taking calls/emails from listeners. I highly recommend this show for anyone interested in the topic of finances.  Save this link to their home page as a favorite – you’ll gain a lot of very useful information and you’ll enjoy the hosts!   Thank you Kevin, Chris, and Nancy!  Hope to join you again soon.

Money Talks focuses on personal finance as it applies to Mississippians. In any given week, we’ll talk about anything from preparing your taxes to saving for college or investing in the stock market. Chris Burford, financial education specialist for Consumer Credit Counseling and Nancy Lottridge-Anderson, Assistant Professor of Finance at Mississippi College, President of New Perspectives, Inc. and author of Tough Talk for Tough Times, join Kevin Farrell in the studio to answer your personal finance questions about family budgeting, retirement savings, Social Security, investments, debt management and more. Email the show at anytime at Money Talks airs Tuesday mornings at 9 on MPB Think Radio.

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