Ever watched the show “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?”

Today I had the privilege of somewhat playing that game in the 3rd grade class of Mrs. Elizabeth Rogers at Northside Elementary in Pearl, MS! I was invited to come and speak to them about being a lawyer (how to become one, what do they do, etc) and also field any questions they had on the law in general.  They have been studying the Bill of Rights and the Constitution in school. They had great questions! Kids that age of course will also ask the funniest things! I was asked if lawyers have lawyers, if lawyers can go to jail too or can you get yourself out of trouble, how much money do you make, do lawyers make the laws, and it was just a great time.  They wanted to know all about going to court, the judge, going to jail…How old do you have to be to be and/or do certain things…Several car accident questions…They were little sponges just wanting to soak in all the details.

The show “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” is set up differently than what we did today (my wife and I love that show), but it was fun to be under the gun to answer any question that popped into their mind.   I am very appreciative of the opportunity and look forward to doing 3rd grade class_hand up 0910153rd grade class2 091015this again! 3rd grade class_FC hand 091015 Northside Elementary Pearl MS

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