What can chapter 7 bankruptcy do for me?

Filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate unsecured debts such as credit cards or credit accounts, all medical bills, any payday loans or other types of signature loans, etc.  It stops lawsuits, no matter what stage the lawsuit is in.  It stops wage garnishments.  It stops harassing phone calls and letters from debt collectors.  It gives you a new beginning, a true, financial fresh start.

In some instances, it may be advisable to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy to stop repossession, foreclosure, student loan collection efforts, and other types of debt related activity that might normally be handled through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  It’s a matter of what you need short term and long term.  Your attorney will discuss the pros and cons of both types of bankruptcy.

Being free from overwhelming debt is possible for you.  Take advantage of the opportunity the law allows to be debt free. The government understands that people have financial problems because they have experienced a job loss, hours cut, a failed business, divorce, illness, severe injury, or other unforeseen financial hardship.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy helps if you are struggling financially.  Right now, things aren’t going well for you; it seems like everything is against you.  Those feelings are the result of financial stress.  This stress and constant worry prevents you from achieving your potential.  Once that burden is gone, you will be amazed at the freedom and opportunity that awaits you.  You will have extra money, you can build an emergency fund and all of a sudden things seem to start working out for you.  With a clear head, ideas and opportunities appear and life improves.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be your release from financial stress. Don’t fail to recognize the psychological benefits of the freedom relief from financial stress can bring as well.

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