Can I File My Own Bankruptcy?

Of course you can. Just like you can set your own broken leg, deliver your own baby and rebuild the engine in your own car. You can do these things, but do you really want to? Do you have time? Do you have the proper tools, information and knowledge to get it done right?

Bankruptcy laws are complicated and full of traps. Mistakes and errors can cost you your property and your discharge.  Misrepresentation and dishonesty can land you in jail. Let me tell you about preparing and filing a bankruptcy case.

Attorney’s all use software to prepare and print the 50 plus pages that make up a bankruptcy filing just like your tax guy uses a tax program and just like your doctor uses a program to keep up with your visits and medical records. Bankruptcy lawyers put your information into a program that prints the forms and files the papers with the court. This seems simple enough. But once the papers are filed the U.S. Trustee, the case trustee and the court clerks all start going over your papers to see how they can kick you out, deny your discharge or disqualify you from the benefits of bankruptcy.  Do you know how to defend your position? Provide responses to any filed objections?

Every bankruptcy case is different, just like people are different. Bankruptcy is not just a matter of filling out the forms. The real work in filing bankruptcy comes in advising the client, getting the information, reviewing it, evaluating each situation, explaining the forms and process, guiding you through the legal system, and protecting you from traps and mistakes. You want an experienced bankruptcy attorney to provide this advice and guidance. Bankruptcy is an area of the law which is complicated and constantly changing and you don’t want to go it alone.

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