MPB Money Talks discusses Bankruptcy Chapters and Recovery

Frank Coxwell explains bankruptcy chapters & how to recover from bankruptcy.

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Money_TalksI joined the Mississippi Public Broadcasting (MPB) show – Money Talks – on June 18, 2013 to discuss the topic of bankruptcy, what the different chapters have to offer consumers, and how to recover from filing bankruptcy.  We covered a lot of really good information and were able to take a lot of calls from listeners with great questions.  If you are contemplating bankruptcy or even just interested in what it has to offer, I highly recommend you click above and listen to our discussion.

Financial difficulty is not respecter of persons – it can touch everyone from the very wealthy (ex: Donald Trump), to the very famous (ex: Walt Disney), to the very powerful (ex: Ulysses S Grant), to you and me.  Illness, job loss, death of a spouse (we all know it pretty much takes 2 incomes to make it these days!), and other life changing events hit and we do all we can – but sometimes we need help to regain our footing.  It’s not about the fact that you filed – it’s about what you do with the fresh start you’re given.  The examples I gave of people that filed (Donald Trump, Walt Disney, Ulysses S Grant, and SO many more) are people that took their fresh start, got up, dusted off, and went on to be very successful people.  What’s holding you back?

But be sure to listen to Money Talks each Tuesday at 9:00am on MPB Think Radio. And if you miss it or want to just catch up on past shows, they are all archived on their site and as well, you can subscribe to their podcast.  Save this link to their home page as a favorite.   Thank you again Kevin, Chris, and Nancy!  Hope to see you again soon!

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