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MSDefinition of Statute of Limitations Statutes of Limitations on Civil Matters – MS Code § 15-1 

Of course this 2013 MS Code Title 15 – Limitations of Actions and Prevention of Frauds § 15-1 covers more than just civil statutes, but for the purpose of this discussion, we will focus only on civil statutes, and even more specifically, collection of debt and judgments.   So first of all, what do we mean by civil statute of limitation? The definition is a statute prescribing a period of limitation for the bringing of certain kinds of legal action. In other words, this law sets the maximum amount of time that a party has to initiate legal proceedings against another party they have a dispute with and the time starts from the date of an alleged offense – whether criminal or civil.

Maybe you’ve had a car accident and it’s been a while or you have an old credit card debt, hospital bill, or other issue that you thought was long gone, but you’ve been served papers regarding a new or updated lawsuit. Hasn’t enough time passed? How are they still suing you over this issue?   Collection of Debt on Account is covered under Mississippi Code 15-1-29 and states a 3 year limit.   A Judgement (a lawsuit that was filed against you and was ruled in favor of the company/person that filed against you) is covered under Mississippi Code 15-1-43 and states a 7 year period.  The courts have these limitations in order to create as much fairness and predictability as possible. You have a certain amount of time for legal action to be taken against you and it guarantees that you don’t have unfinished legal matters hanging over your head indefinitely. There are deadlines and all parties must take action accordingly or take no action at all.

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