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2013 Pink Town 22013 Pink Town 8 2013 Pink Town 7 2013 Pink Town 6 2013 Pink Town 4r 2013 Pink Town 3r 2013 Pink Town 2 2013 Pink Town 5Well, the staff vowed that we would “three-peat” our win this year and they did! 2011, 2012, and 2013 – Pink the Town champs!  It’s great to get involved in a cause that touches so many.   Our race team had a great time – some ran the 5K and some the 10K but all made it across the finish line!  We hope you enjoy the pictures below. Sadly, this was the last year for the Pink the Town part of the contest…but we look forward to the other activities next year. Visit the Susan G Komen site and get Passionately Pink.


We vowed we would repeat our win in 2012 and (drum roll please) – we did!!! Our race team had a great time – some ran, some walked, but all made it to the finish! We hope you enjoy the pictures below.  We continue to challenge all our fellow Jacksonian lawyers to join us as we pink it up in 2013.  We have our theme already!        Will we 3-peat in 2013? Stay tuned…!

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