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Definition of ReplevinRepossession vs Replevin – what is the difference? Click here for definition of Repossession. A Replevin is basically the repossession of collateral (ie: vehicle, furniture, etc) that could not be done without breaching the peace (ie: car locked in garage, furniture locked in house, etc) so the creditor seeks help from the court and this is called a Replevin Order or Writ of Replevin. With a replevin lawsuit, the court provides the creditor an order from the court requiring you to give back the collateral to the creditor. If you do not follow the court order, you will be subject to penalties.

Unlike repossession, a replevin entitles you to some due process before the creditor can take the collateral (property) from you.  This means you must receive written notice of the creditor’s intent to get a replevin order, you have an opportunity for a hearing, you will receive written notice of the time, date, and location of the hearing, and you have the right to dispute and/or respond to the complaint.  The time to respond and/or request a hearing varies by state, but it is typically short.

A replevin can apply to different situations, including a circumstance of where two parties both have rights to the possession of property, but one party might have more rights to that property than the other party. It can also apply to situations where property that has been lawfully withheld but should have been released later to a person, but was not released.

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