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Stop RepossessionHow late can I be before repossession will happen?

We get asked this question a lot. I mean A LOT. There is no law that states your property cannot be repossessed unless you are a certain amount of time behind. You can be 1 day behind or 4 months behind. The lender is the one that decides when to take that action and they can take that action the moment you fail to fulfill the loan agreement you have with them.  Different lenders have different policies and procedures.  Know what your lender’s policies and procedures are regarding repossession now.  Don’t wait to know what will happen because it more than likely will catch you by surprise. Hopefully you will never need to know their process and procedure for this – but the saying “knowledge is power” is true.

Most repos occur after two+ months of no payment, but there is NO LAW dictating a set time frame in MS.

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