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scam-rent_mortgage-150x150Beware of scams dealing with emergency rental assistance! Scammers are coming out of the woodwork with all the various federal relief programs being implemented across the country. They are excellent at disguising their programs to look 100% legitimate.  If you receive and email, text, call, or social media message from someone claiming to be a part of the government, chances are this is a scam.  Same thing if you are asked for cash, gift cards, wire transfers, cryptocurrency or similar forms of payment to help you get the rental assistance they say they are willing to provide – chances are this is a scam.  For trustworthy information, ALWAYS go to the source directly and visit the government or official websites.

To get rental assistance, renters must apply to a state or local rental assistance program. Click here to visit this website to find rental assistance programs in your area. This is the direct link to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  You can also go here and log a complaint. If you have been solicited by scammers – report them! Help shut them down.

The Federal Trade Commission issued a warning about rental assistance scammers recently. It’s a shame that there are people out there that take advantage of others that are in a desperate situation. There are legitimate organizations out there that can help – you just have to be so careful about who you deal with.

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